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Mapping refugee spaces is one more step towards testing how design research can advance communities’ and individuals’ wellbeing. This research fits into a wider framework of practice-led research that Nerea Amorós Elorduy started while still in university in 2009. If you want to know more about her work, you can find a short bio and an updated CV bellow.

Samples of her written, design, and built work are included below.  The majority of the work Nerea has developed throughout her career is the result of fruitful collaborations, and links to partners on each project are included below. Without these partners, the research presented here would not have been possible. In the case of missing links or sources, please send us a note. If you use any of the information in this website please cite accordingly or contact us directly with any questions.

Nerea is a Barcelona-born architect. She graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning from ETSA Barcelona in 2009 and earned her Masters of Sustainable Emergency Architecture from ESARQ in 2011. Her professional and academic work focuses on the link between architecture, place-making and human well-being, particularly in post-conflict environments. Since 2009 Nerea has worked on improving health and education delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa and the South of Europe through architecture with an emphasis on community participation.


Prior to embarking on the PhD research portrayed in this website, Nerea contributed to the establishment of the first Faculty of Architecture and Environmental Design at the University of Rwanda where she and taught for four years, consulted for UN agencies and NGOs in Eastern Africa and co-founded with Tomà Berlanda the Kigali-based firm ASA Studio. Since its inception, ASA Studio has transitioned to new management and is expanding its portfolio of work, which can be viewed here.  With ASA and individually, Nerea completed several health and education projects in Rwanda and Ethiopia. Nerea's exhibits and writing in the fields of architecture and education, architecture in post-conflict settings and social architecture in East Africa have been viewed and published widely. You could browse through them at the gallery below.


The PhD research by design presented here is funded by “La Caixa” Fellowship. This fellowship reflects Nerea's previous work and questions the role of space and the architect in the life-long learning of encamped young refugee children in Eastern Africa. Nerea believes strongly in the ecosystemic nature of architectural  practice, teaching and research. Her work is embedded in and influenced by a network of colleagues, teammates, clients, users, students and other authors. All the work presented here is one piece of a collective effort. For comments or citation suggestions, please contact us at the details below. If you want to use any of the content in this website please cite accordingly or contact us with questions.

Nerea Amorós Elorduy


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